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Mountain Moments was created to improve quality of life, educate, and create community. 

It's hard to understand the depth of emotions, burdens, and perseverance it takes when someone is dealing with a chronic illness, traumatic injury or congenital diagnosis. 

Kids become used to being patients and isolated in a hospital. Families set up a second home in their child's hospital room. Not all parents are fortunate enough to stay with their children due to having to work full time and take care of their other kids at home. 

Insurance limits types of services, reimbursement rates, and amount of services they will provide for patients. Mountain Moments believe the entire person needs to be addressed. Mind, body, and spirit is not simply a saying; it's imperative to recovery. 

Mountain Moments wanted to create an opportunity for children with chronic illnesses, traumatic injuries, or congenital diagnoses AND their families to be able to enjoy time together exploring nature, learning about a healthy lifestyle, and everything Park City has to offer.

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